Monday, March 12, 2012


Really big wind storm over night. Brother's place was out of power this morning for a while. Luckily we were fine. Can't say the same for my body, though. Still aching.

Still not used to daylight saving hour and got up late. Totally missed dad's lunch so we went to see him for afternoon snack. Unfortunately there was a bad accident at 12th and Oak. Couldn't get pass 14th. Couldn't access the nursing home's parking lot. Took a while and much further away, but we managed to find parking on the street. By the time we were done, traffic seemed better from the 3rd floor window, but actually still sealed off. Shouldn't have taken that route.

Yup, I flipped again. Mom saw it all. She knows it all. Yet she turn away pretending it's nothing, with only one faint and grumpy "not like that" comment. She did not even give the slightest attempt to turn me towards the more positive side. I get the feeling that she actually wants me to soak in this hell. Sigh... why does she hate me so much?

Finally reached CAA to renewed my membership. Slight lineup of 2 people but still took a while. Mom insisted to stay in the car without listening to my "it's warmer in the building" preach. To her, anything I say is wrong. None of my ideas worth anything.

She's been nagging me about tonight's dinner. The more she rush me, the more I have to slow down to counteract her negative energy. She also blames it on aunt L, not realizing it is her who is doing all the rushing and nagging.

We ended up having to wait in the car in front of the restaurant for 15 minutes before they opened. Aunt L said she like the food. Good. Seniors can be super picky. However, I failed yet again to get the bill... Next time, next time.

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