Saturday, August 20, 2011


Cousin K arrived today. Not before some fish trouble. The fisherman brought a bunch of fish for us (including our next door neighbour M and across the street neighbour V). Without letting us know, V invited his friend (?) to join the "fish club", and they together took all the fish. None left for us or M. We were very unhappy. Somehow mom managed to complain, and got 3 from V. M didn't complain and got nothing. Sigh... It was M who started the fish club thing in the first place yet he got nothing.

Picked up cousin K from the airport. It went smooth except I was unusually frustrated about red lights. (Well, we hit a construction zone and way above average red light frequency.)

Cousin K's flight served no lunch so we went for an afternoon mini meal. Couldn't eat dinner at normal time so we just had some soup instead. Aunt Y had some leftover noodles she brought back from dim-sum with friends. We went for a walk in the neighbourhood.

The fisherman came in the evening as promised. Since mom's got fish from V, we didn't need any more. So I told him to talk to V and M. However, mom thought a friend might want some, and starting phoning. I ran out to tell the fisherman, but he was gone already! Maybe V and M weren't home. Oh well, too bad...

Cousin K was super talkative. (However... somewhat repetitive...) We plan to have afternoon tea at LF as a late lunch tomorrow so I'd better sleep early.

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