Monday, August 22, 2011


Free admission from 9 to noon. We imagined that it would be packed.

Ended up sleeping for 4 hours only. Oh well... my own fault. Set alarm at 7:30 for a 8:15 pickup. Woke up by brother's phone call at 7. Turn out pickup was delayed for an hour. Worked out fine for me.

It was raining all day non-stop. We arrived at around 9:40 and were super lucky to find street parking thanks to some people leaving. Perhaps they decided that the rain wasn't worth it.

So, mom, cousin K, and I formed one team. Brother and the 2 kids another (they were also waiting for more friends to arrive). We went our separate ways. Mom was interested in the dog show, so we headed towards the Colosseum. Almost everyone went there because of the rain. It was packed! Near the aisle was an Asian old man spreading out both arms to take 2 extra seats. I asked if any was taken, and he said all was taken. Mom found a seat one roll down, and another one on the other side of this man's territory. So I took that one... only to find out that man put his backpack on the inside seat. I was very unhappy but perhaps he was waiting for 2 friends. Cousin K insisted that mom and I sit down. She ended up standing all through the show (about an hour). Midway through the show, another old guy did come to take the aisle seat, but the inner one stayed empty. I was extremely pissed off. That's why his photo is here.

After the dog show, we went to the Home Depot area. Didn't expect to find an estimator for our drainage system. Next, we went to the Safeway barn. I though there would be produce but noooo, only livestock. It stunk too. It was a rare chance to touch farm animals but mom and cousin K didn't want to stay long. Oh well...

We just followed the flow, so, container art was naturally next. The rides nearby were almost empty. The octopus operator would run the machine for just 4 people. While waiting for brother to meet up with us, we entertained ourselves by watching people throw up. It was super tempting to take pictures.

It was lunch time. We all had our hands stamped and brother showed us to a nearby Chinese restaurant off the site. It was pack! I bet everyone there was a PNE goer. My back's been feeling really bad so I ditched my regular handbag and went for a waist pouch. Hence no Pinky, no Pinky picture. Seems like this restaurant is used to crowds. A simple menu helps. Quality is quite good too.

After lunch, we went back to PNE to finish off with Market Place. There were lots of massaging machines and cleaning tools. Almost bought one of those spin mops. At $50, no way.

Met up with brother at 3:10 and he dropped us home. Niece G stayed behind with her friends and would be dropped off by her parents later. I can't remember much after that. Kept dosing off at my desk.

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