Sunday, August 28, 2011


Thanks A for letting us kidnap you to Costco. (To buy quinoa.) Thanks for lunch, coffee, and corn! (^_^) Took cousin K to Metrotown for some window-shopping. (Well, it wasn't restricted to window.) Urban Behavior now has new fall fashion and not much discount. Aren't they going out of business? Did someone safe them???

Got home slightly later than brother's (supposingly) pickup time. He ended up arriving a bit later. 5:30 maybe? Then we all went to see dad. Cousin K stayed with him while the rest of us went across the stress to see aunt Y. She looked better than yesterday probably thanks to her daughter coming to see her form Toronto.

Cousin K treated us to a huge family dinner at a Chinese restaurant. There were 10 of us. Lots of leftovers.

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