Friday, August 05, 2011


Mom and I was in a building. It was kind of crowded. There were halls and hallways and pillars and rooms. She walked so fast, I couldn't catch up and was about to loose her in the crowd. Somehow I knew it was a dream, so I tried to change the course on purpose by not chasing after her. Instead I found J in the crowd and hung out with him. Second part... The sun was setting. I was walking on the street. The sidewalk was very wide. There were a few guys walking behind me. I was trying to out-walk them. Then again, knowing I was in a dream, I tried to fly. And sure I could lift my feet off the ground while still moving at the same speed. Eventually increased the speed too, but not too much. Also tried to jump off high ground but couldn't quite do it. (The scene and location kept changing. I would suddenly be on high ground by thinking about it.) There was a part with narrow pillar-top-like rocks where I was standing on the very top. Nope, couldn't bring myself to jump, but I realized my "flight" only works follow the contour of the ground. That's why I couldn't jump. That's all I can remember.

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