Wednesday, August 03, 2011

House-sitting 2 (1)

Technically speaking, it doesn't start until tomorrow, as sis-in-law would leave enough food for the guinea pigs. No need for me to go today at all.

So it was chiropractor day. Aunt Y need to re-sign a form at our family doctor, so it was our first stop. Then a quick look at DeSerres. Then I tried to pick up some labels at Eddie's, but I just missed the sale by 3 days. Feeling unjustified, I decided to make the labels myself and left without buying anything.

Then, chiropractor. No one was waiting and it was fast today. Mom suggested we eat out so I took them to Toshi. There was a lineup at 4:45 already. (They open at 5.) Two parties had people show up later and had me worry about seats. Somehow one party in front of us didn't to sit down. Turn out not all of them was there. It's Toshi's policy that you don't get a table until everyone's there. So the 3 of us has some sushi, plus a yakitori. The portions didn't seem big, but afterward you'd feel very full.

The first of the Etsy purchase has arrived. Now that I look back, it's not as good a deal. Oh well! At least quality is good.

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