Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I couldn't get up in time and mom took cousin K for bib shopping nearby. We met up for lunch. I was delayed by phone calls and was probably hungry enough to forget to take a Pinky picture.

After lunch, we brought some fried rice and fruit to dad. He looked extremely puzzled when I asked him why he pushed Mr. W onto the ground last night. So extreme, it looked fake. But I do think he could not remember. Mr. W said yes, but he was talking to mom in dialect so I couldn't understand much.

Then we went across the street to the hospital to visit aunt Y. She looked much worst than yesterday. Her lunch was still on the table untouched. She couldn't swallow and liquid intake instruction sheets were posted on the wall. Yesterday they found liquid in her lungs again. (But she was looking much better than today, though!)

We went grocery shopping on our way home. Cousin K needed to make a few calls. Then she showed me one of her cream soup with no cream. (Substitute with potato.) It was cream of broccoli, simple and delicious.

Took a walk with her and ended up walking to uncle Y's house. He wasn't there. Only aunt Y was at home. We caught her in a shower. Sorry! Played with their son's dog a bit, and talked a bit, and it was getting dark. I notice aunt Y stopped being as friendly to me as before. I wonder what happened. (I've had numerous cases of loosing friends because of rumours, and I'm paranoid.)

So, technically speaking, didn't take cousin K to any fun place today.

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