Thursday, August 04, 2011

House-sitting 2 (2)

First stop, brother's, to feed the guinea pigs. Student T hadn't come back. His food was untouched.

Second stop, dad's nursing home. We were almost half an hour early. The staff gave him a shower and he was clean to go. They even lend us a wheel chair. By the time we arrived at the CT scan department, we were still 15 minutes early. No one else was there so we got the scan right away. After the 15 minutes observation time, we were all done.

The staff at the nursing home gave dad a Styrofoam cup to spit into. Mom threw it away thinking it was something dad finished drinking. I told her that, and she got another one from the hospital. Dad was told to use it to spit, but he seemed to misunderstand the instruction as "keep spitting into the cup". Sigh... Then, when we were on the street, dad just threw it onto the ground! AKA littering! (T_T) Oh no, I'm not gonna touch that thing full of his spit.

After drinking more water to wash out the dye in his blood, of course he wet the diaper. We left while the staff change him.

Then second time today, we went back to brother's to clean the guinea pig's cage. It's a 2-people job when you want to put the pigs in the lawn. So mom was watching over them in the backyard while I did the cleaning, after she called Mrs. L. Then I drove mom home, ate dinner, and return to brother's for my own phone calls. Stayed till 1. Did not sleep over. Too lazy to pack, hehe... Student T wasn't there anyway.

The second batch of Etsy stuff arrived. Not as high quality as I thought. Oh well!

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