Saturday, August 27, 2011


Woke up by the pee fairy at 8:30. The washing machine was running, which meant, there wouldn't be enough hot water. I couldn't wash my hair, so I went back to bed. Somehow I've been feeling very bad. Back, neck and shoulders were all wrong again. So soon after a chiropractor's visit?!?! (T_T) It was either the drive to the drainage company, or the night market that screwed me up. I think it was more likely the drive. (T_T)

Woke up again at around 11:30. I tried to stretch my body back into shape and got out of bed at noon. (The stretching didn't help much, but I was able to function nevertheless.) Washed my hair, ate brunch, and out the door at 1:45 with cousin K to Gastown. She was hoping to buy some souvenir t-shirts.

The trip was smooth. I even got a good parking spot. $3 for an hour. It should be sufficient. She found the t-shirt successfully, even bought a vest for cheap. My mind was so clouded, I thought our parking expired at 3 while it was actually 3:30. I even rushed back to my car. There were stuff that we wanted to, but couldn't look at. Not willing to waste the remaining 15 minutes, we went into a nearby handbag store, but was scared by the price-tag and pushy sales lady. We ended up wasted 8 minutes, which was 25 cents. Oh well. It's only 25 cents. But I'm more upset about me screwing up the time.

Then we went home for a snack (soy milk and biscotti). I ate a bit too much. Then I tried to work on L's logo but felt asleep at the desk. Bad. Went to pick up aunt L at 5:45, and arrived at uncle Y's at 6. He was eager to show us his trip pictures from China.

Aunt Y's home cooking's always great. Ate too much. Cousin K insisted to wash the dishes so I only got to dry them. Their son H came home, took some food and went downstairs to eat. When we were done washing, it was too late to play with his dog. Oh well... (seemed like aunt Y didn't want us to.)

Dropped aunt L off. Came home. Continued working on the logo, kept dosing off at the desk. Bad.

BTW, the Lindt chocolate bar aunt L gave me today, expired 2010 April 30. Mom said it doesn't matter. Is it really safe to eat?!?!?! (T_T)

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