Saturday, August 13, 2011


Mom went to give dad a haircut in the morning... again without waiting for me. Sigh... Her reason was, she didn't want me to wait. Well... I think she read me thoroughly. I can't stand dad's chemical weapon level stinking room. But I can also spend time nearby. I don't mind going there to see dad, but I don't want to stay for too long. There's neither conversation nor anything to do.

The staff has been constantly complaining about dad's spitting and shooting snot. He might have to be moved away. I guess we'll find out in 2 weeks during the care meeting. Today he's torn up another pair of pants. Mom brought it home to mend. Sigh... (T_T)

Since aunt Y return from the east coast, aunt L hadn't seen her, so she proposed treating us to dinner. Aunt Y has lung cancer and had lost a lot of weight from the trip. With dad away now, we were free to eat something other then Chinese food. Doesn't seem like any of the ladies' been to non-oriental restaurants too much, so I suggested Cactus Club. It was a success. Everyone liked the food. (Thanks to the Iron Chef, and A who introduced me to that.) While aunt Y and mom went to washroom, aunt L said aunt Y wouldn't last too long. I'm afraid it's true. She looks really shrunken and her cancer drug dosage has just increased by half recently. One pill costs $60. One dose costs $90. She has to take it every other day. This can bankrupt anyone easily!

So, A, please try not to be so wasteful. It doesn't hurt to save, and you don't know when you might need money... never mind, you said you stop reading my blog. This doesn't change what I want to say, though. And, it also shows whether you want to know me better or not. Wow... the score keeps dropping...

I wasn't there, but cousin K2 from LA phoned. It was about aunt F. I only over heard mom telling aunt Y that she's very depressed in the nursing home and wants to die.

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