Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Rehab center appointment today. Thank God I managed to arrive 10 minutes early... because I didn't know who I was seeing. (Made me feel so stupid and super embarrassed.) It took a while for the staff to find out. That was strange as I didn't have anything name written down on the note. It was unlikely that I forgot to. Initially the person I'm associated with is on holiday. Then I was told I'd be seeing a doctor. Didn't check exactly how long I waited, but at least 20 minutes. Could even be 25 to 30.

The doctor was friendly. I told him the whole story. (However, lots of my difficulties were missed.) He checked me out and gave me some tested. I scored 27 out of 30, which was normal. (Normal = 26 and above.) So, am I really normal? Why don't I feel normal? The test was out of context. I had big difficult with the first "connect the dot" test. I can't believe it took me that long to start. But once I figured out the rules, I could quickly finish it. This "blank" time was not taken into account. At the end the doctor didn't think he can do much for me except for referring me to occupational therapist and psychiatrist. All I can do is to wait for phone calls.

Tonight's after dinner walk was fruitful. First, that house has progress much. Last time I didn't bring my camera and didn't take any picture. The pipes were in. Today workers were putting soil back into the pit to fill around the house.

Then there was a friendly cat nearby. Can I resist? Then I walked to Shoppers thinking of buying a bag of chips to fill my craving. The moment I realized I didn't have the club card with me, I decided to put it off. The craving still sent me to Buylow. After seeing the non-sale price, I was successful to push the craving for another day. On my way back, the usual friendly cat was there! Now I think I can safely say it has a home. Then why did it try to follow me? It wouldn't let me go...

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