Friday, August 26, 2011

Night market

Uncle Y came to take cousin K to the gym at 6:50 AM. Then she was dropped off back here to shower. I got up at 10 and we met up with him again at 11 AM for dim sum.

After lunch, we went to see aunt Y. She looked more plum (probably thanks to the iv) but still couldn't eat anything. Still no appetite and couldn't swallow.

Then we went across the street to see dad. He was sleeping in his dinning seat when we arrived. Mom gave him some dim sum we packed from lunch, and then some figs. Cousin K game him a pack of crackers which I bet he'd finish in one sitting. (And he did.) When I tested his memory, he could name cousin K, recognized mom, but couldn't name me or knew who I was... although he claimed to recognize me. So, I'm officially erased from his mind.

I was more than an hour early, but my chiropractor let me standby. The appointment was badly needed. We were done by 2:50.

By request, I took cousin K back to yesterday's Italian bakery for afternoon-tea cakes. They were kinda small, so 4 for the 3 or us. We also stopped by the Chinese supermarket across the street, but didn't buy anything because the price wasn't good.

Before going home, I went to pay for the drain unclogging bill. I checked online for the location... but of course couldn't remember correctly, and got lost. I should have dropped off mom and cousin K at home first. We wasted half an hour going back-and-forth in my sauna car. At last I found the place and got the errand done. Not before my back was soaking wet. I felt like this stretch of driving canceled out the chiropractor visit.

By the time we sat down at home to eat those cakes, it was around 4. They were kinda warm from being in the trunk. I promised to pick up aunt L to go to the night market at 5, but the market actually opens at 7. So I lay down to rest my back. Almost fell asleep. Mom didn't want to go, so it was me, cousin K and aunt L. Picked her up at 6:10, and got there 15 minutes later. We found a very good street parking spot. (Otherwise $5 parking.) We just chatted inside the car until 6:45 and then entered the market.

We started with chicken skews which was delicious. Then I got some takoyaki... which was a mistake. Well, technically speaking, I should have bought it at the Chinese vendor instead of the Japanese because it was pre-made and kept warm. Soggy. Not nice at all. (T_T) Aunt L's first impression of takoyaki was ruined forever. Cousin K didn't like it either. So I was stuck with 4 pieces. The aunt L bought some crab craws (imitation crab). $5 for 7 pieces, cheap but I didn't like it that much. I was counting on them eating my share because I've eaten more takoyaki, but they couldn't eat that and I ended up eating 2 pieces.

Aunt L was interested in the spiral potatos but we were almost full. We bought water at a cream puff vendor where every drink comes with a cream puff. (I dropped my glass water bottle and it broke.) The cream puffs were delicious!

We were full, so we started looking at the non-food booths. Those glass pendants were $3 each! A bought me one for $5 last time. Cousin K bought 2. I couldn't help it and bought 2 more. (Good for gifts.) She also bought 6 pairs of socks for $10, a good deal even by her standard. (Which means they'd be more expensive in the States.)

Aunt L ran into 2 of her ex-colleagues, not once, not twice, but 3 times! Wow! We finished looking and went back for dessert: those red bean filled taiyaki. It's always good and a must. Although we didn't have room for the spiral potato, we were satisfied. We even got one takoyaki to take home for mom.

After dropping aunt L off, got home around 10:30, exhausted.

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