Monday, August 29, 2011

More meals

Ate a big brunch and then took uncle and aunt Y to see dad and aunt Y with cousin K. Car pool is a good thing, but the main reason was because I didn't want to ride in uncle Y's car. His driving... is... horrible.

Uncle and aunt Y didn't have lunch, so we went to that noodle and congee house which I've gotten so tired of. Ran into grandaunt Y! Well, I suppose if we've gone elsewhere, cousin K wouldn't have had a chance to see her again. Forgot to take a group picture, though.

Went home and showed uncle Y how to set up folders and filing in his Hotmail. He knew almost nothing about mail management. I ended up helping him file most of his mail. It was after 4 when they left. Didn't get to take cousin K to Richmond. (T_T)

Then we met again for dinner at 6, plus brother's gang. I'm glad that uncle and aunt Y liked the Taiwanese restaurant. (She's an awesome cook so they're very picky.) There was a Lamorghini parked right outside. Orange is an unusual colour and it looked like the one on display in a certain mall.

Came home and kept dosing off. Actually I've been feeling light-headed since I finished with uncle's e-mail filing. Now a tiny bit of headache too. I sure hope I'm not coming down with a cold. It could be the weather or vampire too. Today was almost 10 degrees lower than yesterday and was actually cold.

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