Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Met up with A and went to Costco. Am I not reasonable to be mad that he left for the inland trip without a word?

Then dinner at McDonald's, A's favorite restaurant. (T_T) Why is he so picky about food, yet chooses McDonald's as his best??? That branch, however, was the most deluxe one I've been to. It was huge and there were leather sofas in front of a big screen TV.

After dinner, we went to Walmart for stuff that Costco didn't have. Picked up some fresh corn form a road-side vendor van. Thanks for the chips and stuff.

Out of the 6 ears of corn I got, 3 are very small and under developed. One even has a hole on the side. We let the vendor pick for us. That was a mistake.

The 3 half-bags of chips from A were not half, but only a mere handful. The bags were oily, sticky, and gross. I do appreciate hand-me-downs, but these... makes me feel like a scavenger. He still can't distinguish between "sharing" and "discarding". Sigh... (T_T) Well, he did give me lots of other new stuff too. Maybe I shouldn't think this way. But I can't help in...

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