Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Mr. L wanted to visit dad so I had him car pool with us.

First care meeting at dad's nursing home this morning. As expected, mostly complains, especially about dad's shredding his diapers, peeing, spitting, and shooting snot. Mr. W has been moved to another floor. Dad seems to be happy to have the room to himself.

Went across to the hospital to see aunt Y. She looked slightly better than yesterday, but still couldn't eat anything.

Third stop, took cousin K to see grandaunt Y. She's been doing well since her hip-replacement surgery. Again, she won on bill-snatching. She treated us to lunch last time cousin K was here.

All of us went grocery shopping after lunch. By the time we got home, it was already 5. Where did time go???? Although Mr. L said he was free the whole day, he insisted of leaving without coming in for a cup of tea. Hmm...

I was thinking of taking cousin K to Metrotown... but she started showing me her tomato soup. We ate dinner at 7. Took a short walk (still no sign of the friendly cats). Didn't get to do much today again.

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