Monday, August 15, 2011


Got R's address confirmation so I needed to pack and mail the book today. Took longer than I thought and was late for chiropractor. Only 12 minute but he was running late anyway. There were 4 people in front. By the time I was done, it was almost 5. As usual, I went to check out DeSerres' on-going moving sale. Almost bought something I don't need. Also went to Urban Source for the small test tubes. However, on second thought, they are too easy to break and not good for mailing. So I didn't make the purchase. I think I'm controlling my spending better now... but ended up wasting gas. Oh well!

The nearby house has started the base for a new foundation. The other one... wooden structures are already up! Yikes!!!!!!

Cat #2 seems to be living with a parent (probably mom) and she was very cautious against me (or strangers in general). She ran in front of #2 to block him/her. Then #2 seemed to understand, and kept his/her distant. Awwww... (T_T)

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