Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vietnamese cafe

Worst day in terms of my shoulders and neck and the whole back. Grumpy. Brain not functioning. Frustrated. Monster mode. (T_T) The original plan was to go to Granville Island. Lots of other things happened.

Aunt L treated cousin K (including mom and I) to a Vietnamese cafe for lunch. Their sandwiches were awesome! (I was hungry, so it probably tasted better than normal. And, I forgot to take a Pinky picture!) The 4 of us shared 2 orders of sandwiches and one large beef noodles.

After lunch, I thought I'd take cousin K to a genuine western bakery for some bread which she prefers. Nobody, no one, was interested to leave the car when I arrived at A's favorite Italian bakery. Of course I intended to buy her the bread so I didn't say anything except for I wanted to look at something myself. Hoping for raisin buns or non plain bread, I was disappointed. However, I got some day-old biscotti which originally sell for over a buck a piece. $4.50 got me a good size bag. When I was ready to pay, a lady who's been picking out pieces of cake was still asking the clerk tons of questions, like what's in this cake, what's it like, etc. Sigh... Then the clerk was very slow too. I know I probably had a super long face and look evil, but can you blame me? I had 3 seniors waiting for me in a cinching hot car. That annoying customer even couldn't make up her mind on "would you like a bag"! Sigh... (See? I had more than enough time to take a few Pinky pictures in there. I was extremely tempted to shoot the cake display so I can show cousin K their selection later. But it didn't seem appropriate so I held back.)

Aunt L had to wait for the lawn mower man, so I dropped her off right away. Then mom wanted to visit Mrs. K about figs, and then buy some fabrics to make dad's one-piece full-body under garment. If she wants fabric, I want to take her to Dressew. We ended up all going home first. I had to brush my teeth and put on some canker sore gel. Cousin K took care of her knock while I took mom to Mrs. K. We exchanged figs. Her tree is quite big and hard to reach the fruits. We talked for too long, then I stopped by the bank machine while mom went next door to check out that cheap clothing shop to see if anything's good for dad. We picked up 2 pairs of pants for just $7, but not before chatting with the sales lady. I though this short trip would only take 30 minutes, but it actually took an hour. It was 3:10 when we got back.

Then we all started eating figs. Both Mr. K's and ours. I had to brush and put canker sore gel on again. By the time we stepped out, it was 4.

Cousin K read a magazine article about Commercial Drive and showed some interest, so I took her there thinking we'd spend an hour or two. Nope, she didn't even want to stop. So we just drove by the area. There're plenty of cafes but I couldn't see much else.

I've already given up the idea of going to Granville Island so I stopped by Fujiya near Clark. Almost bought some Japanese curry cubes. Came out, phoned aunt L as I want to treat her to tonight's Japanese dinner. But the lawn mower man hadn't shown up, and she wanted to stay home. Then I called mom telling her I'd pick her up for dinner. But she said she wanted to keep sewing, and wanted to clear out some stuff that's been sitting in our fridge. That's so wrong!

Not sure if it was my blood sugar or exhaustion, I sunk. Cousin K probably thought I was depressed because mom wouldn't come out to eat with us. (Well, that's true too.) She gave me the idea of eating at a closer place, so I turn to Zakushi. But it didn't work. Mom insisted that she wanted to stay home. Oh well...

Amazingly, it was 5, and I felt that we'd still have time for Granville Island. (Cousin K likes to go to places so I try to stuff the day full.) However, she wasn't as enthusiastic and stressed that she's been there before. Maybe she was tired? I only took her to the market, bakery, and net loft. No water-side walk this time.

Then we went to Ajisai for our favorite chirashi. Haven't been there for half a year, and their quality is still awesome as before. Took a walk at the LD nearby, and we went home. Uncle Y is gonna take cousin K to a community center gym early morning... like 6:30 tomorrow. Way too early.

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