Thursday, June 23, 2011


Aunt L wanted to come with us, so there was no room for the seated walker. Mom decided to add a bunch of clothes in the morning, and used her grocery trolley. Looks bad and a hassle. Why didn't she bring the stuff out last night so that I could use the proper size suit case?

Got there on time at around 10:30. J wasn't there and someone else took us upstairs. Lots of questions asked, lots of forms filled. Mainly about dad's daily routine and preferences. Then we were treated to lunch. Normally, visitors need to buy meal tickets if we want to eat with the resident, but today was our first day, and lunch was on the house. At $6.5 each, the 3 of us cost them $19.5. In return, the clothes labels mom made yesterday were deemed inferior. They wanted us to go for the in-house labeling which costs $20. It cancels out, I guess. But mom's effort went down the drain.

Right in the middle of lunch time, I needed to move my car from the 2-hour limit street parking to the nursing home's parking (also 2-hour limit). There are only 8 spaces. I was lucky to get one. When I return, mom and aunt L had given dad a chicken leg each. (Each of us had 2.) So dad ate 4 chicken legs, plus the soup cracker I gave him, and half of mom's chocolate pudding. Way too much!

J came after lunch to give us a tour. Caught an old lady trying to sneak into the elevator when she's not allowed. (She's a wanderer.) Will dad try to sneak out? Hmm... At least he didn't seem uncomfortable, and didn't ask to go home.

Parking time was up again so I had to bring home a bunch of paper work to sign. However, the parking spot hunting must have been draining. I kept dosing off at the desk. (All the interviews were also brain-intense.) Mom was busy with phone calls informing friends and relatives. She wants to go see dad tomorrow morning. I tried to persuade her to go after lunch. This, is the same woman who told dad to die a few days ago. Why is she so attached now?

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