Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cadbury Triple Chocolate

From November 2010. McGavin was selling them at $1.25 a box, super good deal! But they expired in 3 day, haha... Still, good, though. The core is a piece of very light and fluffy chocolate cake, with a chocolate moose-like blob as topping, then the whole thing was dipped in chocolate. Triple indeed.

The size should be about just right, yet strangely I've felt the need to reach for a second piece and ended up feeling way too stuffed. The cake and the outer shell were fine, but the moose was too sweet. However, nothing left any unpleasant aftertaste. Yup, there is trans fat. Hydrogenate oils. The first item in each of their ingredients are, sugar, icing sugar, sugar. What?!?! Icing sugar?!?! No wonder... (T_T)

The whole thing is very soft, so it's not suitable to put in the glove box although the size is good.

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