Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chest x-ray

Took dad to our family doctor for a chest x-ray as requested by the nursing home. This was his good-bye appointment because the on-site doctor over there will take over. Ate lunch at Burger King and took a look at DeSerres right next door afterward. There were more clearance stuff but not my cup of tea. Then stopped by the discount bakery and some grocery near home.

Went home, prepared labels for dad's clothes. Meanwhile dad's been leaving pee puddles and shot snot and spit onto the floor as usual. Sigh... Mom seems a bit nervous. She still thinks she should go visit dad everyday. (She bought hamburger buns at the discount bakery so that "she could pack sandwich and eat with dad"... may I ask what's wrong with sliced bread???)

Continued with custom Pinkys. Just when I finished masking and got ready to spray paint, the nozzle nob broke off as I took the cap off! Not sure what to do, I tried to hold it matching the stump. The first test spray was fine. Then I proceeded to actually paint... and all screwed up!!!! The nozzle leaked all over! Aaaaarrrggghhh!!!!!! Sigh... gotta wash off the paint and re-spray primer. (T_T) The rest of the body parts standing-by on the Styrofoam also got contaminated and all needed a layer sanded off. Some of them need primer too... (T_T) What a waste of time... (T_T)

Thanks to that, didn't go for a walk after dinner despite the longest day of the year... Why has my left upper eye-lid been twitching? Too much solvent vapour???

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