Saturday, June 25, 2011

Third day

Mom went to see dad early in the morning... like 9? Of course I wasn't up until 11. Aunt Y came and took the bus with her, then meeting aunt L at the nursing home.

I got there at 12:45 and dad just finished lunch. Mom said dad took his roommate's bed. Yikes... what a bully... (I bet he wet his own bed.) Mr. H is easy-going, so he didn't seem to mind. He even gave dad his soup during lunch. (T_T) Mom brought dad cut-up apple in a tupperware, and small jars of nuts and raisins.

It was also lunch time for us, so I took the ladies to a congee and noodle house. Super good deal. $6.75 for a lunch set which contains a dish and a drink. We ordered 2 sets for the four of us, and the portion was so big, we barely finished it. Being the youngest at the table, I wanted to take this one but aunt Y insisted of treating us. Oh well...

After dropping the ladies off, it was before 4 when we got home. Lots of time. So I continued with yesterday's car cleaning. Vacuumed the interior, and washed the vinyl foot mats. Half way through scrubbing the mats, it started raining. It was just a few drops so I continued. However, the mats wouldn't be able to dry. Leaving them outside overnight is slightly risky...

Mom of course was constantly on the phone again. I could hear that she was getting tired from talking. Repeating the same things is also draining. I worked some more on the Pinkys... and forgot again to process dad's photo and news to send to a bunch of relatives... Yes, my body is so wrong, I can no longer thing.

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