Monday, June 27, 2011

Late afternoon

(Photo was taken on the 18th and unrelated to subject.)
Feeling really really bad today. Aching all over. Brain's not working. (T_T) Of course it's a rainy day.

Brother came for a haircut after lunch. Then went to pick up niece N, and drop niece G off to the orthodontist. Busy day for him. As to me, lots of phone calls to make. Gotta cancel dad's daycare and handydart trip. Updating his info alone took half an hour. I was thrown around 3 times and had to speak to 4 different people, all over the phone. (T_T) The social worker who deals with dad's nursing home fees is on holiday until the 4th.

Finally set up the credit card e-bill. Missed the lucky draw, and one day before the postal workers strike ends. Kind of meaningless, but still beats missing the payment deadline.

Took mom to see dad late afternoon. First, I forgot my purse. My back's been so numb, I didn't even ntoice. Then in the car I realized I forgot my phone. But it was too late to turn back. Sigh... (T_T) My "self" is gone. I'm just a blob...

Technically speaking, parking is free after 6. I got there after 4, and found a pretty good spot. Mom didn't want to stay too long, so we quickly finished setting up the medications account and left around 5. Went to fill up on the way. It's been a while since I last exceeded $40. But I've been filling up when it's still half full. Today was like 3/4 empty.

Got home and kept dosing off at the desk. It was just a 2-hour outing and I was exhausted. Couldn't even keep myself awake after dinner either. No energy... (T_T) I need chiropractor bad! He's on vacation until the 30th... (T_T)

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