Friday, June 24, 2011

Second day

Couldn't get up early enough. Mom was rushing me and I was grumpy... (probably thanks to the weather. Aching like hell.) Yes, I was slow in preparing the documents. I wanted to scan them after they were filled too. Didn't notice the double-sided printing and grossly underestimated the scanning time. Oh well...

Managed to get there at 2. As expected, no parking space on site. The hunt was bad too. I was lucky to find a spot 2.5 blocks away.

Went to see dad. He was siting in the dining area on his floor. He's got a room-mate now! The Chinese gentleman Mr. H was just admitted today. He speaks a slightly different dialect and is difficult to understand. The two of them talked for a while but I don't think the conversation lasted.

Mr. H was very anxious about whether his daughter was coming, and kind of forced her contact onto me, asking me to give her a call. I didn't feel it was appropriate, so I told the accounting lady when we continued with our admission process. She said the daughter was contacted last night... (meaning, she would not call.) At the end I gave the contact to a staff on his floor. Not sure if she'd actually call or not.

Brother phoned. Thought he might came for a visit, but he never showed up where we were there. (Turns out he didn't go today.) Mom brought a apple thinking she'd feed it to dad, but there was no knife in the kitchen. So she brought it home and try again tomorrow with our own knife.

When it's time for us to leave, dad wanted to come with us "because there's nothing to eat". Sigh...

My grumpiness was really really bad. I was swearing at other cars when traffic condition was bad. Must be low blood sugar. Mom suggested eating out. She was probably too tied to cook. Again, parking near Honolulu Cafe was bad. It added to my volcano. And yes I was hungry. So hungry, I forgot to take a Pinky picture.

Got home after "dinner" and it was still before 6. Somehow I felt like it was the only chance to wash my car, and went for it. It must have taken over an hour... Of course, I'm regretting it right now. I'm aching all over. (T_T) Oh why why why do I do such stupid things to myself????

Meanwhile mom's been busy with phone calls again. Yesterday it was her who was making calls. Today, our phone wouldn't stop ringing. Aunt L wants to go visit dad again tomorrow, and so does aunt Y. Mom wants to be there at 9 or something. Probably to check dad's morning routine. Last night it seemed like dad neither removed his dentures, nor did he brush it. His hair looked washed but he was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. Meaning, he had not been changed. And, he wet his pants. How did I know? There was a liquid stain on his bed where he sat. And there was a puddle of pee on the floor in the washroom between the sink and toilet, the exact same spot where he leaves puddles at home. Sigh... I fetched a staff member to clean that up. Mom discovered dad not wearing any diapers. According to the staff, he had one put on in the morning but eventually he threw it into the garbage bin in the washroom. Sigh...

Removed the screwed-up paint off the Pinky. Ran out of nail polish remover and couldn't find the spare bottle. Ended up having to sand the rest of the paint off. Very time-consuming.

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