Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time gap

As expected, aching all over. (T_T) Screw up at every step. Can't even think... (T_T)

Mom went to see dad early in the morning. A bunch of church friends were supposed to go visit him too. There was an impossible traffic detour thanks to constructions near 28th. Only one lane was opened for all directions. I was held there for a good 10 minutes. Grrrr... By the time I arrived at the nursing home, mom had left and no one else ever came. I intended to drive her home. Oh well! I stayed for the full 2-hour street parking and played big 2 (with simplified rules) with dad and Mr. H. It wasn't really "playing cards" as they didn't quite know how. It was mostly me telling them what cards to play. However, Mr. H seemed to have good luck and won most of the time. Brother's gang showed up just before 5. Just made it before my parking ran out. (Technically speaking, it ran out already...)

Went home and started processing photos to send to relatives. Then brother's gang came. We ended up eating out. I was shocked to find out that I've forgotten the memory card in the card reader, and thus could not take any Pinky photos at dinner! Aaaaaarrrggghhh!!!!!!! My brain's not working!!!!!

It was very late, but I finally sent out the news and photos. Was hoping to take a picture of the nursing home's exterior but kept forgetting. Oh well.

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