Thursday, June 16, 2011

Neurologist / neighbour

Went to see the neurologist my family doctor refereed me to. Again, I was late. Why why why... (T_T) Unfamiliarity to the location was to blame. The receptionist was busy on the phone so I was kept waiting. Then she had me fill up a form, which of course made me even later. After I handed it in, she kept doing something I couldn't make out. I didn't check the time, but it felt like a good 25 - 30 minutes late. (T_T)

While checking the address with Google Map, I saw there was one review. And it's a nasty review saying this doctor doesn't listen to patients. Turns out he looks a bit young, and maybe a touch arrogant. But he seems reasonable enough to me. Not only was he concerned about the harm radiation can do, he also checked my reflex and stuff. Although he said it may not help me much, he did refer me to the rehab center. However, he's the type who support anti-depressant. (T_T)

When I took my daily walk after dinner, I saw my neighbour across the street picking up garbage on other people's lawns. I chatted with him, and he said otherwise the neighbourhood would turn bad. (I agree. Clean streets = clean neighbourhood.) That's super admirable. I so want to buy him a reacher from XS Cargo since he was picking up garbage by hands (with gloves, though). After 20 years, I never know his name until today. He was asking about my dad too. Since my dad seldom leave the house anymore, he's seldom seen. I got to the point telling the gentleman about dad's gone missing once, and he immediately thought the police incident last week was about that. I didn't know how to react. As I was hesitating, the conversation changed. So... I didn't clarify his misunderstanding...

Last night's downtown riot was being reported all over the world. I bet no one will say a thing about the volunteers who cleaned up the mess this morning. Sigh... why? (T_T)

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