Tuesday, June 28, 2011


(Photo was taken on the 22nd and unrelated to subject.)
Opened my eyes before the alarm rang... and immediately knew it was here. (T_T) Which also meant, I couldn't take pain killer in time. (T_T) At least my body seemed to know that it must get up, or it would be reeeeally bad. I was completely caught off guard because it's almost a week early.

Felt really sick. I screwed up this time and didn't watch when not to eat ice-cream or drink cold drinks. I was so sick, I couldn't even eat lunch. If I stay upright, I'd throw up. So I stayed in bed until 4. (T_T) Might have dosed off a few times. By then the pain killer had taken effect and I was finally able to get up and eat a few bites.

Dad said we don't have to visit today, so mom stayed home. I was in no condition to drive her anyway. I guess it was a lost day.

The only thing I was able to do, was to process some photos to put online. A no-brainer and didn't need any fine motor control. (Working on Pinkys is one level up...)

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