Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Dad's appointment at 3. Had to leave at 2 because I forgot to phone the nursing home last night. (Mom had been on the phone all night, and I was stupid enough not to use my cell.) It wasn't an issue, thought, because mom had inform the floor staff yesterday when she visited. The only concern was that dad may have been dressed in overall and the doctor cannot access his belly.

The parking lot was full so I parked in the driveway illegally. Murphy's law was right. Dad was dressed in overall. So mom had to change him. For the first time, dad said he wants to go home. (Actually through mom. I didn't hear it myself.) Mom kept saying he can come home if he stops spitting and tearing up diapers. Of course it's impossible.

Dad's grafts are stable and we're asked to take another CT scan in a year, which can be cancelled if nothing's wrong. Things went smoothly except for mom forgetting dad's cane at the clinic. I still cannot understand why dad has to take both the cane and walker. Sigh... So I had to run back to retrieve it before parking expired.

Then we took him back to the nursing home. Mom gave him some moon cake and saw him finish eating afternoon snack before going. She also took his glasses home to repair. The legs were bent outward and kept falling because of poor fitting.

We went across the street to see aunt Y. M the pastor was there. (Someone I don't know.) He was singing hymns to her. We waited until he was done. Then he left quickly soon after greeting us. Was he trying to give us privacy? Or was he in a hurry? Aunt Y looked worse. She didn't have much energy and kept dosing off. Her lunch was untouched. (It was already pass 4.) Mom talked about dad and then not much else. Seemed like there was no good conversation material. So we left. It was already 5. (Little did I know that it would be the last photo I took of aunt Y...)

I kept doing off at my desk and didn't progress with L's logo. (T_T) Not sure what's on her mind, but mom was obviously preoccupied and didn't turn the fan on. The Vietnamese ham she was stir-frying must have used low quality ingredients and made the house stink like recycled crappy cooking oil. I turn the fan on, only shocked to find out the switch was sticky with thick grime! Gross!!!!

So after dinner, I cooked up some Pink Solution and cleaned the fan. Only the outside of the enclosure, though. The fan itself is a 2-poeple job which I can't handle. I ended up cooking 3 batches of Pink Solution and took 3 hours to clean that thing. Sigh... (T_T) Meanwhile mom kept dosing off in front of the TV. I bet she wouldn't even notice I've made the shell sparkling clean. (Yes she knew I was cleaning, but she wouldn't know how dirty it was before.)

Then dad's glasses. Turn out it wasn't his! He had taken someone else's glasses and has been wearing them without even noticing! Geeze!!!! Mom then showed me a "supposed to be identical" pair at home. Their size difference was huge!!!!!!!!! No wonder why it kept falling off!

Dad's other pair of glasses looked dirty so I did a dish detergent soak. Mom said it was expensive. I took the right nose pad off and wrote dad's name on the inside, and saw the lumps of black grime! Grossss!!!!! OK, rubbing alcohol did the job. But still gross. Might as well clean the other side. Then I noticed the frame was in excellent condition despite the plastic ear hook (?) was largely corroded. This might be gold. Mom could be right. Since the name on the nose pad can be easily removed, mom thought that dad's gonna loose it (or gets stolen) soon, so the decision is not to give him his glasses. He no longer reads anyway. Besides, he's at the point where you can't give him anything. He's lost a nice wrist watch, his electric razor, his hair comb, and who knows what others? Chances are, he'd throw them away himself. (T_T)

Failed to progress on anything today. Not L's logo. Couldn't even take a single picture of the accessories. Didn't write to T either. (T_T) But I did a lot of cleaning. As anticipated, my back started aching before midnight. (T_T)

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