Friday, September 23, 2011


Dated May 2008... (yikes)... it was a souvenir from my Japanese trip. But I can't remember whether it was the 2008 one or 2006 one... (yikes!) Anyway, Otabe is a traditional Japanese treat with a spoonful of filling inside a square skin folded in half. The final look is triangular. No preservatives, so it expires in 12 days. Not sure if I made it. (I've screwed up before, bringing similar treats in summer as gifts, and they got moldy. The worse was, I only found out after I handed them out. My friend opened it and we ate some together...) The filling is red bean, so the taste was very traditional Japanese, and real. Supposed to be a Kyoto souvenir but nowadays available widely including at the airport duty free.

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