Friday, September 30, 2011

Last day

Mom was super eager to see dad and left at 1:30, but not before screwing me up. She decided she must bring dad uncle L's old glasses. I couldn't let it go before labeling, and thus spent time I shouldn't have. I myself had to send Y the stuff today and took too long to prepare. The result was me being late for 45 minutes for chiropractor.

Was I in such bad shape that I couldn't think? Made a few bad decisions and got stuck failing to park on Cambie. I lost count on how many sets of lights it took before someone let me finish parking. (T_T)

Didn't even get to call mom despite giving her my phone. Yup, must get her her own. I felt naked without my phone.

Went to pick her up at dad's. He's torn up more clothes. Sigh... (T_T)

The $15 coupon expires today so we went to Z... and ended up buying $23 worth of crackers and cookies. Mostly for dad. It was really busy. Even the cashier asked if there's something that expires today.

Of course I should have stopped at $15, and use the 15% off coupon for the rest. Another proof of my brain not working.

Went to B to see if there's anything worth picking up because I have a 25% off coupon, also expires today. Mom wanted to get the $10 box of Cadbury candies for the nursing home staff. Ideally, we need 32 if they each get one. But somehow mom's "fairy" kicked in and she said we only need 10. That's still $110!!!!!! I just couldn't believe she thought that way. Sigh... (T_T) What's wrong with her???

She was probably hungry so we ate at the food court... at A&W. Worked out to $6.5 each. Not that cheap.

Tried to continue with the logo but couldn't get the font thing to work. Waaaaay too much time was wasted on trying to get things to work on the new machine. (T_T)

I'm definitely in bad shape. It's definitely the vampire... (T_T)

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