Saturday, September 03, 2011

Hospital (1)

Set my alarm at 11 but mom came woke me up at 10. Aunt Y was dying. So we went to the hospital ASAP. Picked up aunt L on our way.

Aunt Y looked surprisingly good. Early this morning the doctor told cousin Y (who had spent the night in the room) that she might not make it. The situation was explained to the patient and she requested to see mom. Her heart beat was kept in check with drugs. (Otherwise it was too fast.) Her lung fluid vacuum machine was turn off, yet the tube was kept connected to her body (meaning, there's a hole to her lung, doesn't sound good).

Cousin D suggested that we eat lunch and then come back. So we all went to a Chinese restaurant in the area. His wife ended up treating us. They made an announcement that there's been food at home, and aunt Y had not been eating them. She also refused takeout when the couple ate out themselves. (Hmm... I find it hard to believe, but aunt is not 100% creditable either. Complicate.) According to mom, even if there's noodle, there's nothing to go with it, side dishes like meat or veggie.

Aunt and cousin C also came visit. Cousin C had to go home to take medicine, so only aunt C come with us to see dad. It was the first time they (the 3 cousins, one cousin-in-law, and aunt C) to visit dad. He was doing fine, except he's taken apart the stroller... a gift from cousin B. Plus, a lampshade. What's left was temporary stored in the tub room and perhaps there's a chance for repair. Dad took all the screws from the stroller and hide them in his drawers. Now that I look back, I didn't see one of the handles. I sure hope he didn't throw it away as it cost cousin B $150. She's coming to visit next month too! Sigh...

Then with 3 senior ladies in my car, I took them grocery shopping. Aunt C bought raw meat so we dropped the stuff (with Vietnamese ham mom bought) off to her place before going to another Pricesmart. (The closest one happened to be closed due to fridge repair.)

We ended up going to the mall for air-conditioning. Sat down for a ice-cream (I had grape drink which dyed my tongue completely purple). Mom had her watch strap replaced, finally. She's been putting it off because she want to make sure she gets the absolutely lowest price. (But she hadn't even look around.) Now we went for the first place we encountered. May not be smart because we didn't not look around. How ironic that she's been trying so hard to aim at the cheapest, and ended up buying form possibly the most expensive. (It cost just under $17.)

Then Pricesmart. Aunt C wanted blueberry but sold out. We had to get raincheques. She treated us to dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant specialized in free-range chickens. Some day... some day... I'm gonna treat them too.

Came home and kept dosing off at the desk... Failed to write Japanese mail again... Time is running out... (T_T)

Aunt Y has aching ribs on the opposite side of the cancerous lung. More CT scans were done. Turns out the cancer had spread from her lungs to her bones. This is a know side effect of her super expensive cancer drug. I guess the outcome was already written the day she started taking the drug. In her fragile old age, she wouldn't stand surgery or radiation treatment anyway. It was only buying time... and it's been 3 years since she was first diagnosed.

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