Thursday, September 29, 2011


Thought I'd be done with the photo shoot, but then I realized there were a bunch of unfinished earrings. By the time I patched them up, the sun was gone. They will have to wait for the next chance. Sorry A... may not be able to return your camera as promised. (T_T)

Eat-out day with brother's gang. They introduced us to this (relatively) new Taiwanese rice noodle fish soup place. Their soup really has no MSG. Sis-in-law is allergic so she knows. The food was pretty good, but there was a puddle on the seat that I didn't notice. Need I say more? By the time I found out, most of it was on my pants and handbag. Sigh... (T_T) The vampire is here and then this... (T_T) Made me feel super gross... (T_T) Why oh why oh why oh why... (T_T)

Have been wasting a lot of time trying to make "the font thing" to work. Of course nothing works. Every turn is a dead end. Even an online solution that worked for others, but not for me. Thanks to a missing link. (T_T) Honestly, I'm completely fed up with Windows 7. Why won't it work for me? Why? Why why why why why why why why?

I'm also fed up with the tablet lag and the keyboard shift keyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

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