Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wind and rain

It was so windy, fallen trees caused power outage here and there. Luckily no one I know was affected. The sky couldn't quite decide to rain or not. Rain and sun were looped.

Dragged A out to visit the community market. Had a late lunch at Micky-D's. That, was my first time ever to exchange an item. My sandwich was like, someone spilled oil on it. The wrapping paper was soaked clear. Totally greasy, totally gross, totally inedible. The exchange was no problem. The new sandwich was much better, but they still managed to spill the mayonnaise.

The community market was a bit disappointing. Thought there would be more tables. Oh well. I forgot to take any pictures! Aaarrgh!!! It was raining so hard, we went into the nearby corset store and vintage clothing store to wait out the rain. Technically speaking, we could have waited at the community center. Oh well! But I got to find out how much a corset costs: in the $600's! Aaaargh!!!!

Then gave A a hand on cleaning his espresso machine. The stubborn coffee stain was super hard to clean without his specialized cleaner. Came home for dinner, and dose off at my desk. (T_T) Only managed to organize some folders.

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