Friday, September 16, 2011


Aunt Y passed away in the afternoon. I didn't go visit today. Mom was there when it happened. She was so shaken, she had to ditch her original plan of taking the bus home, and called me for help. I can understand that. She was there at 1:30, and tried to get aunt Y to eat some soup. Aunt Y ate a few spoonful, and started coughing up phlegm. She failed to spit it out and it went down... the wrong way. Nurses were called and they tried to clear her airway, but it didn't help her breathing. She was suffocating. The whole ordeal from soup to end took about 10 minutes. In other words, if mom didn't urge aunt Y to eat that soup, she might not have chocked to death... (this sounds... kind of horrible... doesn't it...? Of course I can never tell anyone this...)

Stopped by the Broadway Michael's for some storage boxes and paper that are on sale. Bought some grocery at Whole Food so I could park in their parade... Some jerk from Oregon parked badly and left dents and scratches on my car. Grrrr!!!! Mom didn't want to cook so we bought take-out Vietnamese sandwich and beef noodles for dinner.

Our neighbourhood was chosen to participate in a pilot recycling program and given an extra kitchen waste bin today. (It was just left at our doorstep. Same for everyone else, though.) Mom had been saying it wouldn't work because food waste stinks. (And she's right...) Perhaps that's why the city waited till summer is over. How are they gonna deal with next summer? Oh, and we don't know when this pilot program ends.

Fixed up the new computer a little. File transfer is super slow! (Of course I only have the means to use USB memory and SD card.) Didn't get to take pictures or work on L's logo again. Very tired...

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