Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lucky or not

It's 911's 10th anniversary. It's been 10 years already? Yikes! I still remember that day. I was still working at M. I miss that job...

Got up at noon, got the knock, good. Washed my hair and had lunch, and it was after 2. Needed to go back to the cell phone store for 2 unfinished business. (1) Forgot to ask if the phone book on my old phone can be transferred to the new phone. (2) Forgot to spin the lucky wheel. It was just before 3 when I left.

Turns out my old phone was too old and not compatible with anything. Oh well! Luckily I can access phone numbers through my Google account, so I just have to update that. Then I tried my luck on the lucky wheel... and got "free blue tooth with activation". Yikes! That was supposed to be very lucky since it was only limited to 10 a day (as the lady said). However, she had already completed the registration and can't add that to my receipt, she couldn't give it to me. She even said she's already given me a car charger. (But hey, that was because I signed up for auto payment, a totally different deal! So it boiled down to "she couldn't give it to me". So what the heck was that? Was I lucky? Was I unlucky? I looked at it as something I was entitled to, missed the chance to pick up last night, and was then denied. It sent me high up and then squashed me to the bottom of the sea. Could I feel good about it? Could you? Of course not! I whined a bit and ended up getting a mug and shopping bag. Better than nothing, I guess. But I couldn't help but feeling my glass was half empty. Bad.

Then it was moon cake time. Tomorrow's moon festival. As usual, I went to the Taiwanese bakery for their $1 ice-skin moon cakes. Got 2 of 5 flavours = $10. Looks cheap but it adds up.

Got home around 4, and mom was impatient about going to the nursing home because she wanted to see how dad eat dinner (dinner time around 5). I was hungry so I washed some blueberry to eat. (Ended up with too much acid in my stomach.) Dad finished moving and he's got a single-occupancy room one floor down. Right off hand, none of his 2 walkers were there. I found one on his old floor, and the other one was taken to repair. He had taken it apart yet again. That's the 3rd time in a few day. Sigh... (T_T)

He got way too many complains from other residents about his spitting, so he's now set up to eat alone in his room. The moment I entered his room, I smelled crap. Pretty sure he crapped his diaper. He's also started wearing the overall mom made. So he can't access his diaper (to prevent him from tearing them up). The staff was busy with feeding other residents, so dad was left with dirty diaper while eating dinner. As usual, mom brought him extra food. She saw him until he almost finished, and we went to see aunt Y across the street.

Aunt Y has also moved to the 16th floor to line up for hospice. She looked worse probably from not being able to eat. No IV either. Dark circles under her eyes came back. She's already bed-ridden. It's only a matter of time before her energy level falls below consciousness.

The other lady in the room (double-occupancy room) kept calling me over and had me hand her drinks, every 2 minutes. She just wanted attention. I shut the curtain so she couldn't see me, but aunt Y insisted that I had it partially open so that she could see the clock. I said I would open it again when I leave, but she just wouldn't listen and started to get mad. Sigh... (T_T) F#@k! I haven't been feeling that well myself and I had no patience dealing with nonsense. I did give the bell to that other lady and she kept calling the nurse. The nurses came and it was the same thing. Handing her drinks, and putting the cup back, and switching to the other cup. It was nothing urgent. Nothing but wanting attention. What a waste of time and resources. Then I realized that someone must have intentionally put the bell out of her reach. Oh well! They can fix that later.

A called saying he's got corn for me. Coooool~ Thanks! By requested, I stopped by a supermarket for mom to pick up 2 pumpkins on our way to A's.

Came home and it was pass 7:30. Blood sugar level dangerously low. Ate yesterday's pastry buns for dinner. Mom later steamed 2 more ears of corn from A. She ate one right away, I ate half and felt full.

Then the rest of the night was spent dealing with the address book. It took a long time. I had phone numbers on my old phone, and e-mail addresses on my G-mail. They needed to be consolidated. It was hot and I was grumpy. Thinking a little web radio might help, I tried it on the "new" computer.... but of course it wouldn't go smoothly. First there was no plugin. Second, the firewall didn't allow any download. Third, the most stupid reason, the speaker wasn't plugged in. The "old" computer now gets the "old" monitor so it's got no speaker = no radio either. With the heat and my monster mode, I lost it. Nevertheless, needed help from A again. Gotta find out what that mystery USB coming out from the monitor was. It was almost midnight. I was short tempered. The online ratio didn't work, all the USB ports behind the machine was used up, a few things behind the monitor needed to be plugged in, which meant my messy desk needed to be cleared, and I need to craw under the desk which usually gives me a stomachache. Did I mention it was hot? Tried to text on my new phone and it kept switching the words I typed. (And I did not spell it wrong!) Extremely, extremely frustrated. And of course, A was unfortunate to be there when I exploded. I'm so sorry... (T_T)

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