Monday, September 12, 2011

Moon festival

Day 4 of my accessory photo shoot. Thanks so much, A, for lending me your camera. Much appreciated. All of a sudden today was super windy. (Which explains his headache and my locked hips.) Not good for shooting earrings. (T_T) I should have shot them yesterday. (T_T)

Nonetheless, it went relatively smoothly until mom interrupted me to book Handidart for dad's medical appointment. So I did. When I told her the pickup times, she didn't like it and asked me to cancel the booking. (T_T) Well, Handidart may not be able to fit your schedule tightly and you usually end up waiting for half an hour for each ride. In this case, the ride would come an hour before appointment time. Then another half-hour on the return trip. Since dad has uncontrollable spitting, it would be extremely difficult to take him to any public places, not to mention having him wait. So, Handidart was a bad idea to start with.

After wasting 20 minutes or so on the calls, I return to the photo shoot, only to find out I've lost macro mode. Failed to figure it out after fiddling around for a few minutes, I had to call A for help. (Sorry for interrupting your work!) Turn out it was something as simple as getting too close. (But that was strange because I didn't move the tripod.)

The shoot continued until I got interrupted by the knock. (That was why I've been grumpy especially around the Handidart call time.) The wind had been troublesome but I somewhat managed. (Had to shoot many pictures of the same subject hoping one would turn out clear.)

Mom kept wanting to got see dad today because it's moon festival. It's a family reunion occasion just like Christmas. But we had just been there yesterday, and I was busy with the photo shoot. Not sure how many more sunny days we'll have, this has priority. Sorry! Mom even said she'd take the bus. But can I let her? Besides, tonight was eat-out day with brother's gang. It would be risky to let her go on her own.

As usual, I bought Taiwanese style ice-skin moon cakes every year, and this time is no exception. I anticipated brother's gang would come by after dinner to have dessert. But mom insisted that I take the moon cakes to the restaurant and eat them there. They need refrigeration! If I do that, we will have to finish them all today. No leftovers. With all the events piled up to this point, I got mad enough. But of course I had no choice but to bring them along. It borders me a lot that mom is becoming more and more unreasonable and making bad decisions.

Brother agreed with me on keeping the moon cakes at home. But of course it was too late. We were all too full to eat them at the restaurant. But it's moon festival. He ended up coming to our place for dessert anyway. And I brought the cakes for nothing.

I bought 2 of each of the 5 flavours. There are 6 of us. Each cake was cut in 3rd. We each get a piece of the different flavours that added up to 1-and-2-thirds cake... which was quite a lot. Mom said she was full and didn't finish her portion. But I know she was saving hers for dad. I didn't buy dad's share because the cakes need refrigeration. Mom knows that, yet she still do it her way. I can't deal with her. She can do whatever she wants and I'll just shut up.

Spent the night sorting through today's photos. Didn't get to deal with aunt Y's family photos again. Didn't get to write to T again. (T_T)

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