Monday, September 19, 2011

Photos and computer

Didn't expect to see the sun today as the weather report said it would be cloudy. After an involuntary 2-day break, I could finally continue with the photo-shoot.

Cousin D said he'd come pickup mom's write-up, but he never showed up. Brother came for a haircut late afternoon. And he forgot to take my old phone. (For niece G.) No rush, but the sooner he picks up, the sooner I can get rid of clutter.

Took A to Richmond for computer parts. Thanks for the bridge and cables. Thanks for helping me set them up. Too bad it didn't work. At the end I lost audio. That can wait.

Organized my file system so both computers have the same structure. Processed dad's photo collection for the 3 cousins coming this Friday. Gotta prepare them for the shock. Did not get to work on the logo again. (T_T) Did not get to re-hook up the scanner. It's no longer support by the newer OS, so it's going back to the old machine. (T_T)

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