Friday, September 09, 2011

Photo shoot

Was gonna do it yesterday, but ended up doing it today. Long over due photo shoot of my craft fair stuff so that I can try selling them online. (There's one more chance this November.)

It wasn't as difficult as I imagine. Why did I procrastinate??? Hmm... However, soon after I started, my camera battery began to run out. Yup, it was my fault that I didn't charge it the night before, but I thought I still have plenty! It was 3pm, mom was waiting for me to take her to see dad. (I managed to persuade her to go later as dad is supposed to be move to another floor by today.)

Not sure how many more sunny days we'll have, I panicked and tried to buy a replacement battery. Luckily, I phoned the place up to check stock first, and found out they don't do walk-in retail. Only online sales that can be picked up in person. Today's online order deadline was already cut off. The soonest would be Monday. So much for the plan.

Couldn't do anything but to wait for my old battery to charge. Meanwhile I kept searching online for another replacement battery store. 1.5 hours later, I resumed photographing. The sun was setting and lighting condition changed. The pictures would not be the same. (T_T)

Mom had been impatient. The 10-grain congee was not fully ready. Nonetheless I ate some while mom ate turkey and greens. She wanted me to stop and continue eating after we come back. Sigh... So I only ate half portion. (T_T)

We went to see dad first. He was moved form the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor because a single occupancy room had opened up. He's not fit to share a room with anyone anymore. However, while he's alone in his room, he'd dismantle stuff! The move was not 100% complete. Both of his walkers were not there. I went upstairs and got his 2-wheel one. Turns out he had taken apart the stroller again! (T_T) It's sent for repair.

The new room has a bigger washroom for wheelchair access. Mom seems to like that. There are 2 lamps. I fear that dad may destroy them like he did on the 3rd floor. It's only a matter of time.

Of course he kept spitting. (T_T) We dropped off the new overalls to a staff for labeling and then went across the street to see aunt Y. She was sleeping. Mom woke her up, and she complained that no one help feed her. She just couldn't reach the table so we helped her sit up and position the food better. She was able to feed herself. However, she was still unable to swallow properly, and gave up after only a few spoonful of thickened soup. Mom gave her a fig from our backyard and she ate half. Last time she was able to eat the whole fig.

Stopped by Pricesmart to use the blueberry raincheque. Came home, ate the other half of our dinner. Kept dosing off at the desk again.

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