Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hospital (5)

Brother wanted to visit dad since he didn't have a chance this past Sunday. He also wanted to see aunt Y. So he came to pick us up after dropping off his girls.

We dropped by aunt Y first. Cousin O return had gone to lunch with cousin D. She return to Toronto today so we wanted to have lunch with her. Oh well. We waited for half-an-hour for her, and decided it would work better to go see dad across the street first.

Dad's stroller had gone missing again. The staff were busy with lunch, so I didn't ask about the stroller. Chances are, dad had taken it apart again. Sigh... And, surprisingly, dad didn't wan to eat the food! Hmm... it must taste bad or something. It was mah po tofu and rice. A nurse was going around feeding the residents. Dad got fed too. Although he pushed the dish away to the far corner, he'd still eat if someone feeds him.

Then we return to aunt Y across the street. Cousin O was back. After chatting for a bit, it was time to go. She insisted to take transit so brother dropped her off at Langara station. Dad's nursing home called, reporting about the stroller (which we knew already) and checked our progress on dad's overall. I told her we've been busy with aunt Y so it would take a little longer.

Then the 3 of us ate lunch near our place. Brother had to pick up the girls at 3 so we didn't have much time. I had chiropractor too. It was 2:40 when we got home, and I had to leave immediately. I was only 5 minutes late at the chiropractor which was rare. (I'm usually 15 - 30 minutes late.) They were also running on time which was rare too. So I had time to check out DeSerres' moving sale. Now the price looked better. I got a bunch of scrapbook paper.

Worked on L's logo but kept dosing off at the desk... (T_T)

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