Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hospital (2)

Usually it would be eat-out day with brother's gang, but he went to some sort of church camp. Instead, sis-in-law came after lunch and pick us up to see aunt Y. She was doing well. Cousin Y must have gone out for lunch. (Actually with cousin D.) 2 groups of church friends came visit so we went to see dad.

Yesterday's walker parts were gone, including the screws. A staff member said it was moved to the 5th floor for repair. I hope dad didn't discard the screws. His electric razor has officially gone missing. Another staff member promised to look for it.

We finished early and went to brother's place. Mom got to play with the guinea pigs while niece N clean the cage. It was a rare occasion that sis-in-law was free and we could go farther away. After checking their coupon book, nothing good came up. We ended up going to the night market. I finally had a chance to try that spiral potato. It was surprisingly good!

Came home around 9, and found out from aunt L that aunt Y had gone much worse. All the tubes including the IV had been pulled around 4. We were at brother's. Mom said she kind of felt something weird. (It's easy to say that afterwards.) But my cell phone never rang. Meaning cousin D never called me. Turns out aunt Y was on morphine. Sis-in-law said that people on morphine would not be so alert. She used me as an example (when I had that accident). And yes, I can't say I was exactly alert. By 8, aunt Y was drying up. She may not make it through the night. If she does, mom would go see her again in the morning. The rest... is up to her family.

At least aunt Y got some time to meet the people she wanted to see. But it doesn't feel right to pull everything when she looked so good.

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