Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two new

Computer and cell phone. One each.

Ran out of battery again soon after I started shooting. A said he'd lend me his camera. Wow thanks!!! Which meant I needed an emergency cleanup. The floor was full of lint and thread thanks to mom's sewing projects (dad's overalls). So I yanked the vacuum cleaner from downstairs and tried to vacuum... but it didn't pick up any lint or thread! Why why why why why?!?!?!?!

Then mom came back. She said the vacuum cleaner cannot clean those, and it was written on the instructions. Huh?!?! But it's a vacuum cleaner?!?!?!!?

No choice but to pick up that stuff by hand. The reacher from XS Cargo came in handy. While I was doing that, A showed up. This was the first time ever that he came all the way to my place. Wow! It's gonna snow tomorrow!!!!!!

He sat with me through some simple camera operations. Then also help me set up the "new" computer. After a bit, it was decided that I need some sort of wireless card or something. So we went to pick one up at Aberdeen. After that, we stopped by the new cell phone place. They were having back-to-school sale. I couldn't resist. My old plan only gave me 50 minutes per month. This past labour day tricked me. Statuary holidays are not free, only weekends and nights are. All of a sudden I only had 8 minutes left for the rest of this month. I was fed up enough so I switched tonight. It wasn't easy as I didn't know my account number. A was helping me with his i-pad, trying to do some online maneuvers. After many failed attempts, the lady suggested that I go to the other provider's store nearby to retrieve my account number, which I did. In order to take full advantage of the deal, I made my smart phone debut. Yup, they got me.

Came back with A and we continued setting up my "new" machine. He noticed my wireless security was low and helped me change it. However, I screwed up while typing the long password, and ended up wasting a lot of time and effort. A ended up having to move the machine and monitor to my router to set things right. I'm so sorry, and a million thanks.

After dropping him off, I came back and tried to hook up my other tablet. It was... 4 or 5 years old? But brand new unopened. The driver wouldn't install! It was not compatible with Windows 7! Yikes! Luckily the online version worked. The 2 bundled drawing software had problem installing too. That was worrisome but not too difficult to fix. However, that, took up the rest of the night. Didn't have time to read the new phone's menu. Didn't transfer any files to the "new" computer. And I'm going to bed later and later. (T_T)

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