Monday, September 05, 2011

Hospital (3)

Apparently aunt Y is not dying. It was just miscommunication. Cousin D --> aunt L --> mom --> me. Mom especially likes to add to stories. Sigh...

Anyway, her lungs finished draining so the lung tube was pulled. Her blood potassium level became stable so she didn't need IV anymore. In other words, she's doing better. She's given oxygen and has been on low dosage morphine for aching bones. But it is true that she's been taken off that lung cancer drug. She now receives comfort care instead of active treatment.

The fact that she's dying has not changed. It's only been put off. She will be kept in the hospital for another 2 weeks, and then move to a hospice. Probably the same nursing home as dad's, just across the street. This would be ideal as mom can visit them both at the same time.

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