Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Funeral (1)

Finally! Got the desperately needed chiropractor visit. However, rained poured down (and I mean pour) soon after, so my shoulders are tensed up again.

As usual, checked out DeSerres after that. Found some misplaced beads in the dollar bin. They were not part of the moving sale but the staff let me have them for a buck each because they've packed the stuff. Yay~!! Also picked up some more dollar beads, 10 cents scrapbook paper, and sketch books for my nieces' Christmas presents.

Traffic was bad probably thanks to the rain. Barely got home at 6:05. Brother's daycare kids left early so they could eat dinner early too. It was me that was the latest. So I quickly microwaved some leftovers and got ready. Who knew brother would still be late. Again, traffic was bad. We go there at 7. Supposed to be 6 to 8. Not a ceremony but a visit.

Cousin O came all the way from the east again, bringing her son. Plane ticket was robbery! 2 Westjet round-trip tickets cost $2000! She was delayed by traffic too and missed the flight by 5 minutes. Luckily she could still use points at a different airline for 2 one-way tickets, keeping the return trip from Westjet. Yikes...

We stayed till the end (8). Took lots of pictures. This was the first time I've ever taken pictures at a funeral. Well... technically speaking, it was only the informal relative gathering. The real one is tomorrow. Cousin O asked me to take video so she could show her daughter back east. I hope I won't screw up tomorrow.

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