Thursday, September 08, 2011


The building company I picked up at PNE promised to come by for a drainage system estimate at 3. I waited until 4:30 before calling the guy (M) up. He said he was running behind, and should be able to come at 5:30. Meanwhile A seemed like meeting me. He said I should ditch M for being late for 1.5 hours. However, I really need this estimate. Did he not understand that? Right off hand I felt that he was selfish to have said that. That I should slack off on real business so that I can go meet him. Why couldn't he come to meet me if he really want to see me? Which makes this whole thing sounds like he just want a ride home. (T_T)

M called around 6 and postponed to 8:30. Sigh... If only he would set this up in the first place, I could have met with A. (T_T) I managed to go for a walk nearby before he showed up.

Turns out he's a contractor and would need to send real drainage people to look at my house. (Don't want any delay but do I have a choice? Grrr...) At least I got some info on building a new house. Very expensive. We're not likely to go that. (T_T)

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