Saturday, September 17, 2011

Donation and recycling

Slow start today. The plan was to help A drop off some cloth donations and electronics recycling. This time he was late, so I went off to do my own stuff. Continued with setting up the computer... The printer doesn't show up in PS... or maybe I just simple need to reboot.. but couldn't because it's still transferring files from the card reader... Last night while it was "fixing bad files", I smelled burning plastic from the machine. After cancelling the operation, the smell went away. Very alarming. I'm sure something is burnt inside the tower.

Meanwhile, cousin D called to inform us about aunt Y's funeral arrangement. Aunt L kept calling every half and hour or so trying to reach mom, who's gone to see dad. She managed to catch her when she stepped through the door, and announce the funeral news before I had a chance to relay cousin D's message. Aunt L likes to be the boss when it comes to this kind of stuff. Info queen? (Or, in a worse sense... likes gossiping.)

I didn't get to wash my hair, oh well. Nonetheless, got dressed and just before I put on my shoes, cousin K called. Thinking it would be quick, I took over the call, not realizing cousin H also wanted to talk to me about this Friday's arrangement. 3 cousins coming from different flights are gonna come see dad before boarding a cruse the next day. And the call took me 35 minutes thanks to cousin H talking about unrelated stuff (like her $49 Chinese trip and Google Voice etc). I promised A to arrive in 20 minutes. Of course this call made me break my promise. (T_T)

Murpher's law? I hit almost all red lights on my way. (T_T) Thanks for not getting mad at me, A. Then we went to the donation box and then recycling depot. He couldn't resist picking up some corn and strawberry from a farm van on the way. Thanks for sharing! Dinner at Zakushi. Haven't been there for a few months and their menu had changed. I miss the tofu salad. The skews were excellent, though. So was the black sesame ice-cream.

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