Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Vampire showed up. Didn't get up early enough. Mom gone to see dad with aunt L. His move to a single-occupancy room was completed. Nothing's changed, though. Dad was sitting in the living room tearing up his diaper when the ladies arrived. No staff stopped him. He got to do whatever he likes.

Continued with photo shoot. The cold made the vampire worse. I had to be heavily drugged. It was only 14 degrees when I was done around 6:45. I should be pretty much done except for a few "items in question".

Then, the dreaded image processing. First, gotta sort out which ones to keep. (I've shot multiples... between 3 to 6 each item.) That took a whole day. Then the re-size, brightness and contrast adjustment. Not looking forward to it.

Didn't e-mail T... Didn't e-mail Y... But at least packed Y's bills. I owe Y money for books...

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