Thursday, July 14, 2011

65 anniversary

One of our banks invited us over for a 65 anniversary celebration. That's how long the branch has been there for. It's quite something for a quiet residential area.

I no longer have an account there, but I happened to answer the phone and was invited too. How often do banks treat you to dinner? Well, it was just sandwiches, but there was a birthday cake too! All food seemed to be made by employees. (But I could be wrong.)

One of mom's friends didn't get invited. The other was busy and couldn't come. It was just me and mom, and actually very boring. Off hand the manager greeted me by soliciting my business. Which made me feel super unwelcome. It felt like he was hinting that I shouldn't be there without an account. Or was that just my negative thinking? Hmm...

We ate, listened to the manager's speech, ate some cake, and left. They were saying, the customers usually come in, do their banking, and leave. The party gave them a chance to chat and know each other better. Well, I guess it's not a bad thing. But personally, I don't think I want my bank to know too much about my personal life. After all, they are after money.

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