Friday, July 22, 2011


Chiropractor day. Most of the time it does not fall onto the day I need it most. Oh well. Nonetheless, I did need it quite bad.

Then as usual, stopped by DeSerres to see their moving sale progress. Last time I didn't go, so it's been about 3 weeks. Every time I end up buying something. Today was a few pieces of scrapbook paper and ribbon tape. This was purely impulse shopping. I didn't really need those, and the discount was small. "Get it now or it will be gone" gets me. (T_T)

Then I went to the bead store on 4th. No luck on the "long and pointy" charm or drop or dangler I'm looking for. (Together with some other beads and spacers.) Headed to the bead store on Granville Island. I don't know how it happened, but all the staff (2 of them) were super busy trying to fish the store keys back from the roof of the back room. How did the keys end up there? Did someone throw them??? Without the keys, they couldn't close the store, so it was #1 priority... at the cost of ignoring all costumers. I had a hard time cutting in, but managed to show one of them a picture of my search. (Shortest distance to the goal.) Too bad, too bad. It doesn't have to be exactly the same. Just something long and pointy. But still no luck. I hope they get the keys back in time.

It was about 6:50 when I left. Glad that the island now closes at 7. Time to continue yesterday's hunt at Urban Behavior. By the time I got there, it was about 7:20. Should be sufficient. And it was. First, the giant "up to 80% off" sign was replaced by a categorized listing of "what is now how much" sign. The biggest discount is now 70%. Huh?????? Instead of dropping more, they raise 10%. WHF?!?!?! Grrr.... However, the store was 1/4 more empty than yesterday. People ARE buying. I finished the 2/3 that I didn't look at yesterday. Managed to find the 2 xs items that I was forced to give up. Sadly... my body no longer look good in those style. I liked them very much, though... (T_T) Instead, I found an expensive item in the new arrivals. So, besides the 2 good price items, I also bought that unreasonably expansive one. I bet they raise the price before making it down. (T_T) I think I was (1) having shopping fatigue, (2) didn't want to leave empty-handed, (3) xs are hard to come by, (4) "they'll for sure be gone if I don't buy them now".

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