Friday, July 15, 2011


Started cleaning up the kitchen today. There are stuff sitting in the cabinet blind-spot untouched for 20 years! Mom and dad's been saving plastic take-out containers for that long. Sigh... The plastic has disintegrated. Some are yellow and some are sticky. Gross. Some plastic bags containing mystery powder had turn brittle and leak content. Not to mention the elastic bands holding them together have all mummified.

Kept finding Popsicle sticks here and there. Both the original sets and mystery wooden ones that looked used. Gross!!! It must be dad. Instead of consolidating things, he likes to scatter them around. Besides that, tooth picks! Every corner, every crack and creases, he had to stuff something in there. Sigh... (T_T) As the excavation progressed, more "home made" sticks were found! There were hand cut pieces of unidentifiable plastic, and mutilated disposable cutlery. Gross...! (T_T)

Found a whole bunch of stuff... tea and food that have been sitting in old plastic jars. They were all swapped into glass jars. We have ample supply of jars that dad had been collecting, but lots of washing required.

Nevertheless, one corner had been cleared. It took a whole day. The result is 4 bags of garbage. Mostly used take-out containers and old Styrofoam stuff. We also threw away a bunch of seasonings that haven't been touched for a decade... maybe two. There were lots of loose packs of instant oatmeal, coffee, and drinks that don't have individual expiry date printed. They all go to the garbage can, of course.

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