Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pee and spit

Weather's been bad and my back's been achy. (T_T) No energy too. Did I overdo yesterday's cleanup?

Brother came pick us up with his gang late afternoon and we all went to see dad. We went to his room because the living room was not big enough and we'd be disturbing other residences. The moment we opened the door... hell! Stunk like foul urine! He must have pee on the floor! (T_T) My nieces wouldn't go into the room. His spitting has gone worse. Waaaaay worse. He'd spit every few steps now! Unbelievable! That's dangerous for other residence as they may fall and break their hips! If that happens, it would be wheel chair for the rest of their life! Sigh...

Well... I AM glad that we don't have to clean up after dad any more, but he still makes us worry... in unreasonable ways. He IS a hazard to others.

After the visit, we went for an early dinner around 5:30 at a higher class Hong Kong style cafe restaurant. I don't know if it was the rain, but that place stunk like rotting plywood! There was no smile on the staffs' faces either. They all looked like they didn't want to serve anyone. Quality of the food was slightly better, but very salty. Sis-in-law was saying, Honolulu's portion is about the same but 2 bucks cheaper in average. That's at least a good 20%! Most of all, the staff over there are much more pleasant. Hmm...

After dinner brother came for a haircut and my nieces wanted me to show them web sites. (Pinky-related, but tonight's was mainly cats and Pokemon.) I kept dosing off at the desk after they went home. Yup, no energy.

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