Sunday, July 10, 2011


Took A and S to Richmond for some shopping. Too bad the fish & chips place was closed. Ended up eating at a Vietnamese restaurant. I didn't mind but it wasn't exactly A's cup of tea. Oh well. Then the shopping for computer components began. I got to spent some time in the dollar stores and other stores around.

Then we all went to S's place to set up the computer. With nothing better to do, I cleaned up his place. There seemed to be some problems and the guys were working hard. So hard, we almost missed dinner. Didn't realize the Italian restaurant was uphill. Should have taken the car there. Took 20 minutes to walk just a few blocks. We arrived at 9:20. They close at 10. Barely made it. Portions were big and the food was filling. Thanks S for the dinner! Then we went back to finish off the setup. Dropped A off and it was 1 AM when I got home. Didn't fill up, didn't buy yogurt...

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